A Tribute to a Humaine Lady [Archives:1997/41/Reportage]

October 13 1997

By: Martin Dansky-Yemen Times
Less than five feet tall, she was a woman who towered over everybody else with the sheer presence of her humbleness. For Mother Teresa, who was of Albanian origin, selfless devotion to the cause of the poor was her reason for existence. From popes, politicians to dictators, everybody acknowledged the work she did for the dying and the destitute, in conditions that are unimaginable to most of us. In her death, the world has lost one of the greatest souls who strove endlessly to make it a better place. On the evening of Thursday 9th of October, the Indian Embassy in Sana’a held a condolence meeting to honor the memory of Mother Teresa who passed away early in September in Calcutta, her home of benevolence. Mother Teresa’s “troops” the Missionaries of Charity sang beautiful hymns in her memory. Ambassadors, dignitaries, government officials, and ordinary citizens all came to pay their tributes to woman whose great deeds will forever be engraved in our minds and the minds of those whose only solace in life is a comforting hand by one of the Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. There is an ongoing awareness of the need to support slum areas in their struggle to meet their needs; mother Theresa was always active theresetting up schools or even working at little things like moving the furniture. She even went as far as promoting science training so that the poor would be self-sufficient. In her schools children were taught the alphabet; she wanted the children to have the same information as the rich. She even remembered to bring Christmas into their lives to the critism of being accused as fleecing the Indian populace. but the European nun had the guts of caring for the suffering that nobody cared for. It was asked whether a successor could be found for Mother Theresa: she had founded many institutes for the sick and dying, from the victims of mine blasts to lepers and starvation victims. The answer was difficult, that no such person would give themself up for the love of humanity like Mother Theresa did. Anybody wanting to do the same would have to be just as unselfish, tireless and relentless in the midst of a very materialistic world which ignores much of the human plight.