A tribute to my great teacher [Archives:2007/1066/Opinion]

July 9 2007

Abduljabbar Sa'ad
My esteemed teacher, Abdullah Sallam Al-Hakimi, I have gone through the essays you wrote after ten months of absence. In your essays, I have seen exciting information about the daily situations and changes of living style. I am fond of your writing and if I have something to comment on the writing of my great teacher, it will be due to my absolute belief that the famous writer is always deceived by fortune and luck.

I recollect what happened two years ago when Al-Jazeera correspondent Hamoud Monassar interviewed my respected teacher who concluded the interview in the same manner as he did when concluding his two most recent interviews. The great teacher concluded that there is something going wrong inside Yemen and warned of unprecedented catastrophe. But, what happened was less than what was predicted and the great teacher returned to Yemen in a calm way thwarting all the expectations, which indicated that Al-Hikima will face penalty and harassment from Mr. President. But, something of this hasn't happened too.

Today, we see our teacher in an attempt to bring people together, intimidate others, use his judgment and in the same manner highlight the sufferings of inhabitants of Shabwa and Al-Dhale' and those who were dismissed from the army. He skillfully discussed the injustice and discriminations in a way making the reader bear in mind that a harm is being paid to Mr. President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his regime.

More than one year ago, I remember when my respected teacher was preparing himself to run for president. We were hopeful about his bid for presidency and I began weighing between voting for Saleh and voting for the great teacher as I believed that he would be the top rival who is closer to the mind, heart, and emotions. Later on, I was shocked at his decision not to run for presidency without any clear reason(s), however I thought he was deceived by the scoundrels as they always did against him.

We both went through several stages when indicators were signifying that something will happen to the political situation or the regime in particular. But by the Will of Allah, the matters have gone differently since President Ali Abdullah Saleh resumed power as the best selection for the Yemeni people. The country's situation has remained calm since my great teacher Abdullah Sallam Al-Hakimi took part in coup against President Saleh as well as his cousin Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and lasted with the same calmness until the most recent Sa'ada events.

My respected teacher! The matter has nothing to do with preferences or sentiments, nor are force, conspiracy, and seeking the help of the bordering countries, the west, or Iran are useful for the regime to remain in power. The President of the Republic has to bear in mind that the role he is playing is delegated to him not by the bordering kingdom, the world's superpower, his ruling party, the General People Congress, Parliament, Hashid Tribe, or the Army. Allah is the One who delegated to Mr. President the role and power he is exercising. It is Allah who gave him power, wisdom, and reason, as well as the ability to run the country's affairs, but not the army or the security forces. Allah is the only omnipotent having the potency to protect Mr. President from harm, as well as to ensure his stay in power.

To my great teacher, what I said, what you explained, and what the honest people said about malpractices of the regime, its corrupt officials, and the phenomenon of rampant corruption are not remarked or perceived by people of the country. In addition, the media, particularly the opposition harshly criticizes the rampant corruption in the country.

As you once said, my respected teacher, Mr. President is the only official having the ability to eradicate corruption and eliminate corrupt officials if he has the will to do so. But, as it seems, the statesman needs some wise experts to help him in order to take little of his time to fight corruption. Who is the eligible person to help Mr. President in doing so? Consequently, the waste of time and effort exercised by the opposition is useless and I was of the hope that the opposition may avoid such waste, particularly as they are nowadays adopting the crisis of Sa'ada rebellion. Exploiting the government's failure to put a stop to Sa'ada rebellion, the opposition parties launch campaigns and publish critical stories as well as reports on their newspapers and websites. They are trying to make Sa'ada rebellion the issue of issues and exploit it as a weakness they may help end the current regime.

The real-life situation tells us that neither the rebels adopted options of the nation nor is the regime preventing them (rebels) from exercising their legal rights. But the foreign forces interested in creating chaos in the Middle East want the sedition to remain inflaming.

Sir, the Muslims have no objection to the Twelfth Sect but the sedition is caused by the moves of the Persian state and its gang in Iraq, as well as the relations between rebellion and the Persian state. Mr. Abdullah, do you observe what is happening in Iraq. Have you ever heard that once a gang had been naming itself a state receiving support of the Zionist occupiers and its behavior implies animosity toward the Iraqi people? This gang is utilizing the state facilities to displace millions of Iraqis from their homeland.

My respected teacher, have you ever heard that a gang, which gives itself the name of a state, assaults the educational and health installations, beat, arrest, rape, and kill any Iraqis who violate its instructions? This gang tortures any imprison Iraqis, behead them and throw their corpses in the streets under the pretext that they don't obey its orders. This happens everyday while the gangster appears whenever his gang commit illegal and immoral practices in order to award the key perpetrators.

Every time, the media tell us in a strange but compliant manner that armed men in Iraqi police uniforms and on board police vehicles attacked installations and killed innocent people or kidnapped foreign diplomats or nationals. Why didn't they say that the Iraqi police do so? Mr. Abdullah, have you ever heard that individuals face repeated torture for being named Abu Bakr and Omar? Have you heard that twins, one is named Omar and other Ali, have studied together since their early years until the state of Safawi gangsters comes to prevent Omar from going to school with his brother Ali and confines him inside his home in order to allegedly escape torture, however, he has not yet celebrated his 15th birthday? Have you ever heard that up to 21 people face severe torture on a daily basis for being named Omar, Ali, or Abu Bakr.

Innocent people with such names suffer merciless torture and right abuses in the Interior Ministry of the Safawi state. The ministry officials torture them with electric wires until they die and then throw their corpses in streets for dogs to eat them. Those are the people standing behind Sa'ada events and who are fuelling the sedition. I want you to bear in mind that the regime responded to the demands listed by rebels but they refused to surrender. In addition, the opposition is not eligible to mediate between the conflicting parties, but its leaders seem to put more oil on the fire.

Dear Sir, with regard to the topic of bequeathing power from the father to his son, I think that the President has no interest in this matter, nor are other top officials holding key positions in the government interested in preparing their sons to rule Yemen. I suggest that both of us adopt a good project to help Yemen get rid of sedition, conflicts, and pessimism.

Source: Al-Wasat Weekly.