A trip to Aden [Archives:2007/1016/Letters to the Editor]

January 15 2007

Afrah Nasser
[email protected]

What can I say about my trip to Aden in this Eid? It's a must-visit place in Yemen. Especially, in this time of the year the weather in Aden is absolutely beautiful. Just for the record Adeni people have the most beautiful soul. I could not get enough of Aden. I really wish I were Adeni.

I found out a lot of things about this lovely part of Yemen. They have a different culture from the Sana'ani's. They don't stare! They don't STARE! I could not believe it! There are Yemeni people that have this kind of politeness. My ultimate dream was to put some light make-up on my face and walk down the street without covering my face. I did that in Aden and nobody tried to bother me at all. Finally, my dream came true.

I can tell you about Adeni people and how friendly they are. We met a very wonderful taxi driver there. He was Adeni and Aden was him. “I'm madly in love with Aden,” he said. In that moment I knew how beautiful this country is. I loved Aden and still love Aden. If Aden is this way it is because of the British occupation, I tell them good job. It's a lovely place to experience life all over again.

For all the people that have not visited Aden , go now! It's the best time to do that! And try to ask for A'ala (the taxi driver) you will see Aden through him.