A woman of smokes [Archives:2008/1195/Community]

October 2 2008

Adnan Alhalmi
[email protected]

Neither a call nor a ring unpermittedly,

Invaded my heart and settled,

When night comes my heart's rooms,

Hides me in foggy mirrors,

And go to where no end,

For love and night either.

In a time of madness, honey and of hypocrisy.

Upon my heart she dances and sings,

At the spring of blood she sleeps,

Like streams inside my veins she walks,

O' a stray woman!

In the port of love outlooks

From away,

To touch what my soul stole from hers; and sleep.

Alas, she is in the dark jail of love.

O' a woman of smokes in the windows of my mind; prays,

And outlooks my migration

How long do I search for her,

How far to ask about her the stars,

How many times do I die to meet her?

And how long do I live?

If she comes from within my soul,

If she comes out of winds or storms,

If my heart lets its curtain open; she may gets down from behind,

Ah, how terribly addicted of her I'll be,

How generously I'll grant her of my strayness and loss,

How innumerably I'll pray for her heart's pulsings and her,

How much I'll kiss her distances,

And how long I'll hug her breaths as it hugs mine,

O' distance distributed her between and within me.

I miss you as much as deserts miss rains,

Ye' my Darling my heart has a prayer,

Miss a time may come, so who don't come may come.