A word of gratitude to YT [Archives:2004/787/Letters to the Editor]

November 4 2004

Alawi A. Abu Bakir Taha
[email protected]

I like to thank you for printing my articles, letters, poems, and I don't know what it means to Yemeni's in Britain but your newspaper is an amazing platform for readers like myself to share our opinions, our thoughts and know that our fellow Yemeni's wherever they are, are reading them.
We don't have any Yemeni newspaper in my own city called Sheffield. So, receive an email of your web site and be able to go online, read the news from Yemeni Times, is a blessing. To know that there's a successful newspaper and its Yemeni, and know that when time comes we can purchase space for advertising in future to reach our fellow Yemeni's and other readers who not Yemeni's, is indeed a blessing for us in UK.
So, I thank you for your hard work I hope Insha-Allah, Allah blesses you for your hard work. It serves as a ray of hope to have a platform, a bridge to our country when we are far away from home.
Please also thank the Yemeni staff that work hard to maintain the web site and bring us constant news of Yemen and global affairs. Thank you.