A world without hope [Archives:2005/877/Letters to the Editor]

September 15 2005

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Your article “A world without hope” accurately describes the situation in the U.S., but many of your readers might assume that the victims of Katrina will at least be able to get a fresh start financially. Not so. On Oct 17, 05, Mr. Bush's new bankruptcy law will go into effect. This new law makes it nearly impossible for the victims of Katrina to file for bankruptcy. Of course, with only a few weeks to declare bankruptcy before the law takes effect, it is impossible for the victims to file under the old law. All of their homes and their vital papers are gone.

What happens under the new law is that the victims start with less than nothing. And if they can't pay their debts (400,000 jobs lost) they can be imprisoned until someone bails them out. When the new law was written last April, some attempt was made to exclude victims of natural disasters but Mr. Bush and his banker friends overrode this attempt. This means that most victims of Katrina will forever be burdened with a heavy debt which they cannot repay in their lifetimes or their childrens lifetimes. If they have not already drowned, Mr. Bush will bleed them to death.

Hard to believe? Take a look: