About Al-Khour in Mukalla [Archives:2006/961/Letters to the Editor]

July 3 2006

Amenah bint Natera
[email protected]

I am interested indeed in visiting Mukalla. Twice I have edited articles of this area and it sounds very progressive in many ways. I disagree with the Lecturer at the end of the article; because Al-Khour has taken out a potential health risk with the sewage dumping ground; it has given incentives for some social changes- families and couples that can have a space to come to – and opening it up for tourism. That means generating money that can be applied to the other projects. There has to be a balance; and many who advocate for projects forget that certain supposedly non-priority projects actually go a long way to alleviate hidden problems that would blossom over time and create serious issues…that sewage would have put Mukalla citizens at risk for Malaria, Dengue and other contagious diseases. New social involvement of families is a social service… in this case it is free.

Entertainment in the Middle East is highly underrated. Everyone pre-supposes that people should not enjoy the life The Creator has given them; which is a shame and waste of valuable human material. A student who meets with a group of fellows to study in the open will probably have a better grade than the one cramped up at home hearing his mother yelling at the rest of the household… Look to the universities in Europe; and America… greenery and parks are an expected part of life on campus. You just have to have those peaceful places to study. And speaking of schools; even here in the US we have second and even third shift schools. No one with the amount of population could actually believe only one shift schools work. In the Universities and high schools across the US people go to school at all hours; from as early as 7:00 am to as late as 10:00 pm and every day of the weekend for those that work full time; or are on Work-Study programs… I believe the lecturer should get out into the world and smell the coffee; the rest of the world is doing the same thing as Mukalla…one step at a time, but definitely in the right direction.