About answers to Al-Haifi’s and ‘tribesmen fed up’ [Archives:2003/668/Letters to the Editor]

September 15 2003

G.S. Abdullah, Germany
[email protected]

According comments and answers to Al-Haifi let me clear some facts:
1. Such acts are crimes and the persons who did them must be punished.
2. The reasons of the acts and backgrounds are different.
3. The goal of the acts is different
On point one, there can be no discussion. On point two and three: The Yemeni persons, who did this crime acts, was in a helpless situation, they achieved an impasse. Individual and family problems as soon as they are satisfied of “no hope of justice”, they fell into the vicious circle. The goal of such acts is to break through this vicious circle. The acts could be prevented, if rational person were there and let them speaking about their problems. But nobody was there. They ran amok, they are amok persons.
Now coming to Bernstein’s acts in Palestine due to points two and three: Bernstein was not in a helpless situation and did not achieve an impasse, he was in might position and has the fully right and justice on his side as an Israeli citizen. He did not fall into a vicious circle. He did his act with fully conviction and fanaticism. His goal was to kill Muslims and terrorize. He is a terrorist. Bernstein was full of hate and soulless. He did not regret his act until this day.
I hope that the difference is now shown. Partiality and hypocrisy are ab.
As for my comments on the ‘tribesmen fed up too’ editorial, I want to say that I can only say this article has hit the core of the problem and express “the wisdom of the Yemeni people”. Why not, the prophet Mohammed (SAS) said that less than 1400-year ago. Please let me use this word, the Yemeni has the best nose for justice. The Yemeni is proudly with sympathetic, strong with justice, can give and receive. Give him the chance to build up an existence, give him the chance to work for a better future, gave him the chance to bear responsibility, give him the justice and he can make the impossible possible. The German people, who visited Yemen or worked in Yemen, say to me always that the Yemeni people have the spirit of enterprise and creativity and that are the fundament of a better future and in addition they say, we were at the beginning so like the Yemeni people without any resources and we got the success”