About Baghdad’s failed conference [Archives:2007/1036/Opinion]

March 26 2007

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb
I am not a fortune teller, nor do I believe in zodiacs. Undoubtedly, all the Iraqi people with all their sects and ethnic groups believe that the Baghdad conference, scheduled to take place in the near future, is bound to fail. There is no doubt that Arabs and others invited to the conference share the Iraqi people's belief about the conference's failure and the reasons behind the participants' doubt regarding the illegality of the conference. Those invited to the event bear in mind that the conference is merely a new political game to cover the failure of the security plan, as well as the claims of the occupation forces and the occupation-controlled government that they can restore security and peace to Mesopotamia.

The lack of confidence in the conference's success is based upon evidence and proof known to ordinary citizens before politicians and those majoring in politics. The Arabs already know that Iraq is under the Western occupation, which destroyed government facilities and discharged its armed forces. Now, the country's affairs are run by a group of traitors who shrewdly worked hard to continue involving the occupation forces in the quagmire that is present day Iraq.

Such a group of traitors plot to make the occupation forces sink deep into the swamp in order to defend its temporary interests and protect it from people resisting foreigners, in particular Western foreigners, who are driven by their greed to dominate the land and its wealth. The latter hadn't expected that such consequences as they now face would be the destiny of their greed.

Resolving the situation of the occupied Arab country doesn't necessarily come via conferences and symposiums. Instead, it comes via driving the occupation forces out of the country and leaving the Iraqi people to tackle their problems by themselves.

The Iraqi people should deal with the situation judiciously and forget about the poison of sectarian divisions left by four years of the occupation. For those who fear any civil war, the real life situation tells them: “Hi people! What is happening today? Isn't it a civil war in the presence of the Western occupation, under its dominance and according to the guidance and directives of its traitors? There is no possible solution to the crisis except for pulling out Western troops so that the Iraqi people will be compelled to coexist and work hard to restore solidarity and cooperation between their different sects and ethnic groups.”

Since its tanks trod upon Iraqi territory, the U.S. Administration has suggested tens and hundreds of helpless solutions to rescue its forces from the hardship of inevitable failure. Some of these suggestions were even implemented such as the last one, which is increasing the number of service troops to make Baghdad more secure and safe after it was filled with blood and beheaded corpses. After sometime, the U.S. Administration perceived that the matter requires more than a security strategy accompanied by violence. So it suggested a conference.

The traveller in the heart of desert often alleges that any mirage he sees is water. This is the situation of the drowned administration that has no other deliverance than to leave the Arab state today before the morrow. Observers say that the U.S. Administration is continuing its long war in Iraq in search for a noble outcome to maintain status and dignity of the superpower. But with the passage of time, the situation goes from bad to worse, until it has become difficult and impossible for the superpower to reach its sought goal. The U.S. has placed itself, its reputation and its future in the hands of the genie. The superpower has no option but to leave the bloody and ever deepening and expanding swamp before it is too late for either country.

Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb is an economist and a professor in Political Science. He is the head of the Arab Group for Investment and Development.