About ‘Censorship is back’ [Archives:2005/816/Letters to the Editor]

February 14 2005

Roger F.
[email protected]

Regarding your article, “Censorship is Back” you end it by faulting “Western” countries. It is very common for you and other Arab persons to blame the U.S. and other Western countries for everything that goes wrong in and with the Arab/Muslim world. The reality of the numerous problems lies somewhere else and close to home.

Many Muslims are disillusioned with the reality of their controlled Arab/Muslim teachings and propaganda they were raised on. Within your world it is not acceptable to criticize internally certain elements of your society. However, it is permissible and encouraged to criticize and fight with the West. Non Arab/Muslim countries are not the real problem for Yemen, and despite your Western directed anger and resentment, you know this.