About “Destroying Yemeni Professors” [Archives:2003/658/Letters to the Editor]

August 11 2003

Ben Ishak
[email protected]

I would like to congratulate YT editor on his viewpoint on the subject which seems to be a core of the problem to Yemenis development. Our society has been ever since influenced by tribal leadership based on their superiority. Unfortunately, our political system has inherited, promoted and adhered to the same old ways . We have to discourage on gradual basis of course, the army influence on our political system until our army remains only to be a guardian to Yemenis and not rulers.
We should cut down our limited budget on spending unnecessarily on military. Let us take an example of some countries where the constitution was able to be changed in order to remove army influence on its political system. Let us change the system and pursue the right and honest democracy where our diversified Yemenis from all around the world men and women will join with those inside the country to make Yemen a country as an example with real values of democracy.
If we do not protect, give incentive and promote our learning institutions now, then we will not only loose the current academicians but will lack the future ones, which means we will need rule of thumbs in future leadership decisions.