About Dr. Al-Zindani’s comments [Archives:2004/725/Letters to the Editor]

April 1 2004

Alan Balboni
[email protected]

Concerning the interview with Dr. Mansour Al-Zindani published several weeks ago in Yemen Times, I would like to say that Dr. Al-Zindani seems to understand that the Likud Zionists, now in power in Tel Aviv and Washington, seek not only to have Israel and American corporations control the oil and more importantly the water in the Arab Middle East but also have moved forward to control what the Arabs think.
Dr. Al-Zindani is correct when he states that if U.S. authorities have evidence of any criminal act as defined by international law or treaty on the part of his brother, they should share such evidence with Yemeni officials, otherwise they have no business besmirching his brother's name.
Of course, Dr. Al-Zindani is quite generous to offer this point of view because the U.S. authorities know well Sharon's violations of law and they continue to shower him with praise and money.