About Marwat and Welch letters [Archives:2003/694/Letters to the Editor]

December 15 2003

Dr Maha Emad
[email protected]

Having gone through the recently published articles of both writers, namely, Barkatullah Marwat and David Welch, I think the questions David asked from Mr. Marwat should have asked himself (David) what they are doing in the current situations. What havoc their democratic countries have been playing with the Third World countries in the name of democracy? Enclosing my comments in nutshell, I would say that Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were major threats to the vested interests of Mr. Bush and his junta rather than to others.
Lastly, this is established fact that at the moment no Muslim leader is strong enough to combat Bush's bushes except Osama bin Laden. Let's not forget that Mr. Bush is a major threat to the interests of Muslims.