About Nadia Muhsen [Archives:2003/657/Letters to the Editor]

August 7 2003

Megan Bowie
[email protected]

I want to enquire about Mrs Nadia Muhsen, currently in Yemen. I am aware than Nadia is married happily to her husband and has children and it's not my wish to demand she be allowed to leave the Yemen.
However I would like to enquire as to the possibility of Nadia being allowed to visit her home country with her family solely for the purposes of receiving healthcare treatment. As from what I understand Nadia's health is not that good. Also as Nadia still holds British citizenship her healthcare would not cost her husband anything.
I am aware you may have received many letters about Nadia, I do not wish to offend and I would like to make it clear I am not anti-Muslim. However, I would like to see Nadia be allowed to return to Britain for a brief period to receive healthcare only.
Also is it possible to send a message to Nadia through your paper. I would like to wish her and her husband well and hope that she and her family are in good health.

Dear Megan,
I believe Nadia does follow news on the Yemen Times whenever possible, and perhaps should receive your greetings and think about your proposal.
)The Editor