About Spanish involvement in Eritrea [Archives:2004/770/Letters to the Editor]

September 6 2004

Zeru Isaac
[email protected]

This is in response to the article titled 'Benign Spanish involvement, Eritrean Servility and YSP's sympathy with “The Death Loving Youth”' by Yahya Al-Olfi published in issue (764) of your opinions sector.
After a long tirade against the government of Eritrea, Mr. Al-Olfi writes:
“Asmara could have attracted investors from regional and international countries if it was not for the foolish mentality that had led many to shy away from investing their money in a land where lunatic behavior is the norm.”
It is not very dignified journalism to slander an entire nation nor is it commendable that The Yemen Times chooses to endorse such disrespect.
Later on Mr. Al-Olfi explains what exactly is his beef with the Eritrean government. Apparently he is enraged by some reports of certain rebel groups in Darfur being supported militarily by Eritrea. Unconfirmed allegations should not be commented as fact.
I find it ironic that Mr. Al-Olfi doesn't comment the ample reports about the genocide in Darfur allegedly being perpetrated by various militias supported by the Sudanese regime. Not convenient to be assumed as fact this time?
As an Eritrean, I do not give much regard to Mr. Al-Olfis stance as an advocate of the poor Eritrean people. Indeed we face many problems, we have had several conflicts with our neighbors, not all of this can be blamed on the government. Incidentally the conflict with Yemen was the one, which was solved in the most civilized way.
Whatever issues Eritreans may have with our leaders, we are neither so lunatic nor so servile to require Mr Al-Olfi in anyway.