About the “Enhance your English” advice [Archives:2003/640/Letters to the Editor]

June 9 2003

David Lynch
[email protected]

I wish to comment on the gentleman that wrote the letter (Enhance your English) to you about how you were coming up short on your “standard” of English in the Yemen Times: While Mujahed Taher Elhady was in the process of nitpicking your English I noticed he said, “Mr. Editor remember that President Truman always held the belief that “the buck stops here”, a line you would do yourself well to remember.” I, personally, would or might have constructed that sentence differently by saying . . . a line you might want to remember. The only newspaper or magazine that I know of to be perfect is the “New Yorker” magazine. However, they, themselves, as the story goes, only “once” in the many years of publication made a mistake. The New Yorker gave the company who advertised with them free advertisement for a year because of that mistake.
I might add that your answer to Mr. Taher was, in my opinion, perfect. What would, however, be nice, is)a spell-check for this email I'm sending to you. I'm such a poor speller.
I also have a comment on Mr. Amin Senan's question on whether “Yemen Times is Americanized”. It saddens me that you pay ([email protected]) Yahoo a monthly fee. But, how else could you read those American Yemen-Times