About the Iran elections [Archives:2004/717/Letters to the Editor]

March 4 2004

Byron Allen
[email protected]

The article published in your paper recently on the Iranian election was very interesting, however you fail to grasp a few points.
The oppression of the rights of a minority people by a majority is the problem with pure democracy. An Islamic Fundamentalist Society is a problem in that it denies human rights to minorities which do not share its beliefs.
When you mix religion and government, you create problems for the future because not everybody has the same beliefs. Remember, the rights of any minority can be taken away by the votes of the majority unless there is a constitution protecting the rights of the minorities.
In Iran, the majority think that they know best and is ready to destroy anybody who doesn't agree. This is a really sad situation which will result in a disaster in the future.
Some mullah in Iran is going to decide that it is time to launch nuclear weapons because the rest of the world does not conform to his ideas. These are really dangerous people.