About treatment of females in Yemen [Archives:2005/823/Letters to the Editor]

March 10 2005

Jane Reynods
I am writing to tell your people how I feel about the way women are treated in the Yemen. I have read “Sold” by Zana Muhsen. I would like you to publish my letter in hope that her sister Nadia will see it.

Zana is obviously doing as much as she and her mother can do. I come from Ireland and the people here are shocked at Zana and Nadia's story. I wish there was something we could do to help to get Nadia out of the Yemen.

Doesn't the Yemen government realize what their doing is so cruel and wrong? They are taking a girl's whole childhood away. And this isn't the only story of cruelty to women in these areas. Modern customs need to be brought into Yemen.

I hope someone sees this and can do something to help poor Nadia out of the hell she is living in. Please publish my letter. I would be so grateful.