About women’s rights in Islam [Archives:2004/787/Letters to the Editor]

November 4 2004

K. Maughan
[email protected]

So what was the outcome of Women's rights in Islam? The perception is they don't seem to have very many, and the few that they do have don't get to see the light of day as the men in their lives squash them all the time. How's a Muslim girl supposed to know what rights God gave her if she can't even read the Koran and find out for herself instead of only being fed the things her men folk think she needs to know if she's to get a suitable marriage…. at 13 years old or younger! Let's hope you can really enlighten your people & then you'll reap the benefits of having the whole population to build up the Yemen instead of only half! Do you think God intended women to be uneducated?