About youth, once more [Archives:2004/719/Letters to the Editor]

March 11 2004

A. Sallam Qasem
[email protected]

I can't stress any more the frustration that we, the Arabic youth, are experiencing, and the disappointment in our environment, and as well our governments. As this frustrations deepen in our hearts almost leaving us with two options, either to implode or explode, trying to cross that red line where we wish everything will be triggered to move upward again.
Fortunately, some of us get to read and experience different cultures, and lives. They get to listen to Amr Khaled, Tareq Alswidan, and Tareq Ramadan. They get to read articles like yours. It triggers a buried believe in us that change is possible. Yet limited in our experiences, and knowledge, we fail to initiate a real process of change, or to foster our efforts to alter our environment.
I had the following idea for a while in my mind. I thought I will bring it to life through you. I am calling for a grass-root Arabic (Muslim) youth organization. The main mission of this organization is to bring those who care together, to foster efforts, and introduce positive change in the area. I am calling for an NGO with no political, nor religious agenda, but a sense of responsibility toward the whole Arabic world.
I see international organization operating all over the world including our countries, with Arabic youth participating in conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe; I wonder what stops us from importing the positive experiences of these organizations to our lands, the awareness that it creates, and the sense of ability and responsibility. Although, this idea is now expressed in just this few words in a letter to you, with enough commitment I believe that it can turn into reality.