About YT’s opinion poll [Archives:2004/704/Letters to the Editor]

January 19 2004

Michel Dignand
[email protected]

I agree with your reader who wrote a letter complaining that opinion poll results express the opinion of non-Yemenis reading Yemen Times.
Fortunately, many foreigners read the Yemen Times, which means that more and more foreigners learn a little about Yemen, which can't be bad.
Those who have never been to Yemen will have little understanding of the country, but taking part in a poll gives them some small feeling of connection with the country, which once again can't be bad.
For those of us who have been lucky enough to have traveled in Yemen, the opinions of Yemenis are important, even if only a very tiny proportion of Yemenis ever read the Yemen Times.
Ultimately, of course, the only poll that counts is your own election of a Government.