Abuse of “Muwalladeen” again! [Archives:2004/781/Letters to the Editor]

October 14 2004

Hussein Najee
[email protected]

I have been through this again and again. Those who discriminate and abuse Yemenis because of their place of birth are the same corrupt ones who sell IDs and passports to Yemenis. Many times I have been discriminated against at Sanaa Airport. I have seen officers harassing and abusing women the age of their mothers. It is nothing new! Those who blew up and continue to blow up oil pipelines, kidnap tourists, blowup ships in Aden and Mukkala are not Yemenis born in Africa, “Muwaldeen”! I am proud to say that. And will never change place of my birth.
Finally, it is interesting to note that office who abuse and discriminate against us Muwaladeen are form one region in Yemen. North of North Yemen. Hope you know what I mean. They are the least educated in Yemen but with the most power and authority.