Aden as a global port [Archives:2005/851/Letters to the Editor]

June 16 2005

Tony P Restall
[email protected]
Chief Executive Officer
Salalah Free Zone
Sultanate of Oman

Having previously been involved in the European Unions (EU) Support to Yemen Free Zones Aden Operation, I note that the deliberations for and against Dubai Ports take over of ACT and Malla Container Ports continue.

Without doubt or question DPI has the track record and finances to secure a better future for Aden & Aden Port Operations. DPI offers a quality and style of doing business that regional operators cannot compete against (merely spectators).

However, the question has to be asked about 'Conflict of Interest' when DPI operates Djibouti, Jeddah Terminal and recently awarded Fujairah Port…. who or what port gets the priority? I would not like to answer this question if it was posed by the Government of Yemen to DPI?

Equally, I agree with your editorial comment about Worldwide Invitations to Bid for Aden – Who on earth has ever heard of Kuwait & General ( Not me for sure and I have been in the Port/Free Zone business in the Middle East for 30 Years).

The Debate continues and I sincerely hope that Aden achieves it rightful position as a Global Player and provides much needed jobs and economic stimulation. There is plenty for us all to eat well from Gods table and if it is shared, nobody goes without.