Aden people demand transfer of garbage site [Archives:2005/869/Reportage]

August 18 2005

By Nazih Abdullah
Yemen Times Staff

The garbage site in the district of Dar- Saad poises great health and environmental threats to the inhabitants of the areas of Sheikh Osman, Al-mansora, Dar Saad and other areas in the vicinity. The continuous emit of smoke and heat, is the source of all these sufferings.

The reduced visibility due to the smokes from the site led to many accidents in the area, for the cars that come from Northern governorates.

On this matter, Yemen Times made interviews in Dar-Saad with some citizens and officials

Many people gathered around us when we reached there. They were all demanding the transfer of the garbage site.

Mohamed Saleh Aiash a citizen from Dar-Saad said that the site became a permanent threat for the health of people of the area, especially old people and the children. There is Asthma and diarrhea cases. The whole area is contaminated with smoke that is permanently going out of the site. Aiash said that they were happy when they heard that there was a plan to transfer the site to Beir Al-Na'ama in Al-Boreqa district. This is not carried out because the local council officials didn't follow up.

Drivers' Sufferings

Abdo Rabu Naser said that he is a driver for 20 years in Lahj -Aden road. He said that they used to suffer from smoke and poultry odor. The increase in population contributed to the rate of smoke. He demanded that the site should be transferred to another place because its present position in the entrance of the economical capital is inappropriate.

Environmental threats

We met Dr. Jamal Al-Lawzi general manager of the Environment protection, Aden branch. We asked him if they have done any environmental studies on the gases and smoke that are arising from the garbage site. He said that they have not done any studies because they lack the facilities of such a study. It needs apparatus for taking and analyzing samples. This was proved by the field survey that was carried by the general authority for environment protection under the supervision of (WHO). Many academic bodies participated in that survey. He went on saying that there are dangerous gases that are emitted from this site. The most dangerous of these being Polychlorinated dibenzo- p- dioxins and poly chlorinated dibenzo furans (PCDD/PCDF).

These are shortly known as Dioxins and Furans. They are cancerating substances. Because of their threats they are registered in the Stockholm Treaty, Which Yemen is signatory to

It is the responsibility of the governorate

Mr. Abdulmalik Amer, general manager of Dar-saad. As the site lies in his governorate we asked him what they have done so far, on transferring the site to Bir Al-na'amh. He said that the procedures are the responsibility of the governorate, and we also demand the quick transfer of the site. The site was prepared by the development fund, and it now lacks the electricity. The problem is still pending between the governorate and the electricity department that demands Yr. 22 millions. He added that dar-sa'ad garbage site receives garbage not only from Aden but from all the villages in Lahj which adds to the peoples' sufferings because of the increase in smoke arising from this site.

We also asked engineer Qaid Rasihid, manager of the cleansing fund. We asked him the same question on the delay in transferring the site. He said that the site had been prepared since 2002 by a finance of Yr.59.186.49 from the development fund. The work constitutes erecting hangers and a full sue net. We are now preparing to sign an agreement with the ministry of finance to furnish bulldozers and grinding machines to grind the garbage in stead of burning it. He also said that the new site will be far healthier. An investor had applied for a project of establishing a plastic and paper conversion plant.

We also asked him about what he means by electricity problems?

He said that it is the problem of the sum of Yr.22 millions that they are asking for, but it will be overcome in a short time.