Again asking: Why do they hate us? [Archives:2003/630/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2003

Suzet Corr
[email protected]

I am from the United States and have been watching the war on Iraq ever since it started. I cannot believe the things I see on the Arabic channels, people who hate the US and burn the flag and curse the US. All the Arabic channels do is put on the news what the US bombings do to the civilians in Iraq. What about what Saddam Hussein has done to his people. He can kill them, torture them, starve them and that's ok, but US does something and it is wrong. What is wrong with you people, can you not see what this man is doing to his country? Are you that blind? What is so wrong about the Iraqi people being free? I am proud that my country is a free country where people can breathe and have a life and be free. You people need a life, and you call yourself Muslims. You say this is done in the name of your religion. No religion tells you to kill people, torture them or starve them.