Again we see another game! [Archives:2003/637/Letters to the Editor]

May 26 2003

Ali Alward
Does the history repeat itself? Definitely, the history revolves along with good and bad things. When we recollect the events of ante-second Gulf war in 1991, we will certainly realize that there is no big difference between the peace process and the road map which both were drafted by the same hands.
After Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, Bush – the father departed what was called ' the peace process' and promised the Arab leaders to put an end for the Palestinian- Israeli conflict.
President Bush skillfully manipulate the crisis by reassuring that he will oblige Israeli government to sit down with Palestinian negotiators, and actually he could bring both sides to Washington. About ten years of exhausting negotiations, nothing could they achieve because most of the Israeli government took hard lines in its policy with Palestinians. By the summer of 2000th, Sharon broken into Al-Aqsa mosque, declaring that the game is over.
Now, the Engineer is President Bush )the son – who had departed the road map, making use of his father's policy. Bush wanted to build an alliance like that one his father did. To do so, he has to present a new vision for the Palestinians issue, so that he can get some support from the Arab countries in the region.
Having war on Iraq finished, Bush's vision appeared to be another game, which would likely turn into mirage.