Al-Akimi Arbitrates Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar [Archives:2000/10/Local News]

March 6 2000

Sheikh Amin Al-Akimi, member of parliament in Al-Gawf delivered last Friday one hundred machine-guns to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar as an indication of accepting his arbitration by Jadaan/ Nehm/ for Al-Haymah tribes in the case of the person killed ten years ago. The son of Ben Naged from Jadaan was convicted and arrested by security forces eight years ago. The court has recently passed a death sentence against him. Upon passing the verdict, his father seized three persons from Al-Haymah and insisted that he won’t let them be free until his son is released, claiming that there has been three verdicts passed on his son; the first acquitted him from the case, the second to pay a ransom and the third sentenced him to death.
Al-Haymah tribes have, on their part, arrested eight persons from Nehm, three of whom were Sinan Abo Lohoom’s sons.
Sinan Abo Lohoom called on tribes of Hashed and Bakil and gathered last week in Sana’a and signed a document confirming adherence to the tribal conventions and original social norms and to put an end to alien phenomena emerging in the Yemeni society.