AL-AYYAM: Aden bi-weekly, 23-8-98. [Archives:1998/34/Press Review]

August 24 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Following a heated debate, a meeting between leaders of the ruling PGC and the Socialist Party was called off due to differences in opinion.
2- Stifling bureaucracy and narrow personal interests lead to the demise of several development projects in Aden.
3- Masila oil reserves rise from 600 million to 850 million barrels.
4- Supreme Elections Committee loses equipment worth YR 65 million.
5- Following the recent heavy rains, more than 117 million cubic meters of water are now stored in the lake behind the Mareb Dam.
6- Two men die in Dhali’ due to the explosion of a bomb unearthed by heavy flash floods.
7- Three Yemenis die in the US bombing of Taliban positions in Afghanistan.
8- One man dies and 500 sheep perish because of flash floods in
Article Summary:
Reputation of Banking Services
The Aden and Taiz chambers of commerce and industry sent a letter to President Ali Abdullah Saleh. They complained of serious irregularities committed by the Aden branch of Bank IndoSuez.
Financial discrepancies were discovered in the bank’s accounts last December, and a number of accountants and tillers were detained. Nevertheless, a technical report prepared by the Central Bank branch in Aden blamed it on the bank’s lax administration and dereliction of duty. The accountants were released, but the mismanagement persists.