AL-AYYAM: Aden bi-weekly, 26-7-98. [Archives:1998/30/Press Review]

July 27 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Foreign Minister, Ba-Jammal: “We have agreed with the Saudi authorities on the basic points and the fixed principles.”
Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Al-Faysal: “Disagreement on shared interests between brothers is Haram.”
2- Police de-fuse 2 time bombs found near a mosque and in the qat market in Ataq.
3- Two massive bomb explosions rock the town of Moudya, Abyan.
4- The Egyptian Imam of Al-Hosaini Mosque in Sanaa was stabbed to death outside his home by two men, one is a Syrian national.
5- Opposition in Abyan condemn the breaking up of a peaceful demonstration on July 22 and the campaign of arrests that followed.
Article Summary:
Current Crisis Analyzed
By: Sheikh Tareq Abdullah
There are two factors behind the current deteriorating conditions: political and economic. Politically, the government is unable to establish a proper administrative system in the country. The constitution and laws issued after unification were not appropriate to the real needs of the people in Yemen’s various regions.
Foreign aid and assistance provided by donor countries and organizations could have saved the country from a real economic catastrophe. However, the 1994 war and the political upheaval that followed prevented that.