AL-AYYAM: Aden bi-weekly, 4-10-98. [Archives:1998/40/Press Review]

October 5 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- A bomb blast destroyed an electricity pylon holding the Taiz-Aden power line. Another explosive charge found at the same site was de-fused by the police.
2- An Iraqi Shiite working for an international agency in Sanaa was arrested for intending to publish a book deemed to be fomenting sectarian hatred.
3- Prime Minister Al-Iryani visits Aden to inaugurate several new projects.
4- Ministry of Religious Guidance and Endowments asks the security organ to protect the life of the director of the Badr Scholastic Center, Al-Mohatwari, who is detained for allegedly being monarchist.
5- Parliament is to submit a memorandum to the government citing violations committed by some ministers.
6- Security forces closed an Islah-run scholastic institute in Dhamar following a break-in by an armed group of youths, who fired on the building’s walls while the seminary student where attended classes.
Article Summary:
PSO on Strike
The ranks and file of the Political Security staff at the Seioun Airport have gone on a strike in protest over the expulsion of two of their colleagues by the army. The cause of the strike is also attributed to the duality in the task of searching passenger baggage and guarding the premises. Both army and security personnel are assigned these tasks.
A security officer was beaten when he tried to stop an army officer and an Ethiopia national from taking photos inside the airport. Instead of reprimanding the army officer, the security man was expelled from work.