AL-AYYAM: Aden bi-weekly, 5-4-98. [Archives:1998/15/Press Review]

April 13 1998

(Independent)  Main Headline:
1- Yemen Socialist Party rejects accusations by security sources of its involvement in the recent bomb explosions in Sanaa.
2- World Bank allocates $20 million for renovating the Aden airport.
3- Bodies of 34 drowned Somali refugees (24 women, 9 men, & 1 child) were recovered and buried.
4- Armed confrontation in Al-Sitteen Road, Sanaa, in a dispute between tribesmen over an office block.
5- Delegation from the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce to visit Sanaa late in April.
6- Ministry of Education centrally transfers teachers without informing the local education offices concerned.
7- Aden municipality starts a campaign to prevent sheep and goat herds from roaming in the city.

Article Summary:
UNICEF Aid at Private Home
By Mansoor Abdullah
Acting upon information related by the security organ in Hodeida, representatives of the Central Audit and Control Organization and the prosecutor’s office searched the house of an employee at the education office. They found a quantity of food stuffs (150 cartons of cooking oil, & 4 50-kg sacks of beans) supplied by the UNICEF to be distributed free of charge to students in the countryside.
Two more padlocks were used by the investigation committee to lock the place where the food is stored, awaiting the arrival of the absent culprit employee for further investigations. However, the stored food was later taken away without questioning the man.