Al-Ayyam [Archives:2003/685/Press Review]

November 13 2003

9 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Dar Saad local council demands accountability of al-Basatin police
– Dr Rasie elected chairman of the GPC at Aden University
– A committee in Dhalie for disclosing employment violations at the governorate headquarters
– Finance bureau at Blouder inaugurates its job by implementing independent measures
– 4208 passengers cross al-Wadeea border crossing

Mr Fadhl al-Naqeeb says in an article that its seems the America and all Arab countries have become moderate and entrenching the same trench and facing a common enemy that does not differentiate between them. Reasonably and logically in such a case say that America and the Arab countries should be real allies at least with regards fighting terror and should enhance factors of mutual trust. Doing so should be for being able to fulfill the task that field realities have proved it to be extremely complicated and difficult. This task could not be accomplished with only weapons and blood but rather needs reform, enlightenment and rationality and engaging peoples not only in offering sacrifices but also reaping the fruits of freedom and political participation and getting their living and gaining heir rights, especially human rights.
In fact things are not progressing in such a trend. America is now fighting terror according to its understanding and concept and at the same time launches wars on Arab countries, a policy that does not go in harmony with the basic task. America and its allies role has been for 60 years absent from freedom and democracy in the region and at present want to accomplish this task in six months, as if it is a magical prescription that would put an end to dictatorships. America does not deal with democracy in the region and represents the worst imaginable example of supporting aggressive armed dictatorship in Palestine. Therefore the Arabs have no belief in any good from Washington and do not believe in it in Iraq. Even the new forces in the Arab societies fear that America would finally push them in the inferno of the regimes and turn its back in the middle of the road.