Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/711/Press Review]

February 12 2004

9 February 2004
Main headlines
– committee for investigation with Aden's endowments office
– The Yemeni twins died before being transported to Saudi Arabia
– Aden governor could open file of housing society of Oil Production and Exploration Authority
– Medical supplies for Jibla hospital in Ibb continued, a Cuban medical team pays a working visit
– Hadramout University prepares to celebrate the third week of the University Student

Dr Abdullah Ali al-Baity there are in our civil society many things it is supposed we must do. For instance in our schools and universities education is presented in a manner lacking of practicality and modern methodology. We have to understand that we have nothing to do with what is being taught in the Arab world of curricula and sciences. Those curricula do not benefit us much and they are prepared for challenging the Arab mentality. What do we want from a child aged seven years in order to study those texts and carry them repeatedly and is being punished if he does not comprehend them? In this age science does not mean anything and the final resultant is that there is nothing mentionable in his mind and rather most of those applying for the university are lacking of writing in a readable handwriting let alone to be beautiful. We infer from here that there is failure in the curricula or their recipient or the teachers.
We think the failure is in the curricula unless we do reformulate what we offer to our sons in the primary stages of education, i.e. in concentrating on the subjects of reading and writing and traditional arithmetic and the general culture. In this way the student would be able to comprehend and learn reading ad if we sow in him the love to read he would be able to drive his way in knowledge, all its branches. This would make our youth loving to get acquainted with things and learning them. The most apparent suffering of the students is the ability to comprehend and that is attributed to the weakness in correct reading of various kinds of knowledge.