Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/713/Press Review]

February 19 2004

15 February 2004

Main headlines
– In al-Mansoura Prison in Aden, prisoners infected with AIDS, others detained against the law
– Traffic accident kills UNICEF's Muhra bureau director and his son
– Researchers from Holland and America visit Hadramout
Columnist Dr Hisham Muhsin al-Saqqaf says as we are approaching the date of holding the conference of the Yemeni journalists syndicate, credibility of the democratic experiment in the country is dependent on the extent of transparency and impartiality that are going to be followed in the process of electing a new leadership replacing the present one. We do not want to repeat the mistakes in the name of democracy; violate laws and regulations, confiscate others' rights and muffle voices and then allege that all that was democracy.
Free elections with free will of a new leadership of the journalist's syndicate of Yemen would be a new indication in our democratic life and an usher of consolidating the meanings that we talk about as facts practiced in our life.