Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/714/Press Review]

February 23 2004

18 Feb. 2004.
Main headlines
– Criminal investigation authority in Hadramout discovers forged stamp carrying its name
– Security investigates into digging out historical temple and disappearance of some antiquities
– Saudi Arabia: If the border barrier in interest of all, it will be removed
– US congress delegation visits Yemen
– US and British warships cross the Red Sea
– Al-Ayyam editor in chief among seven candidates to run for journalists chairman post
– Modern traffic plan coinciding with choosing Sana'a capital for Arab culture
– Educational cooperation with Oman and Egypt, discussed
– Tourist projects under construction
– Head of the handicapped society in Muhra: The society in dire need of the government and international organisations and businessmen assistance

Dr Ali Abduulkareem says in his article on the national dialogue as a guarantee for better future that the dialogue we demand is certainly not a continuation of the situation we are suffering from and also not for revolving the crisis under any pretexts coming from here or there. We believe in a dialogue directly translating an internal wish seeking the future to leave the horizons of the vicious circles we are in. we want a frank and transparent dialogue not depending on political manoeuvres but rather leading to working out strategies served by clear-cut programs all can participate in drawing up and following up.
The absence of dialogue under aggravation of crises is an expression of the sovereignty of superficial look at matters and domination of kinds of political and intellectual hegemony. It is also and expression of domination of one party over others who only have the right to listen and obey without having real permission to participate or object.