Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/719/Press Review]

March 11 2004

8 March 2004
Main headlines
– Stores and packaging for cement utilities to be built at Aden seaport
– Security men break into a school in Lauder, Aden searching for a teacher
– Deputy of Aden governor stresses the necessity of removing centralization
– Training course on international commercial arbitration held in Sana'a
Dr Sameer Abdulrahman al-Shameeri says in an article the language is the instrument of thinking, communication and dialogue and the conveyance of ideas and feelings etc. The polite and sincere word carries civilization and cultural indications in addition to its educational and cultivating meanings. The freedom of speech is the prominent priority of democracy and one of the main indicators of to human right. It is ironical to perceive the progress of democracy without commitment to priorities of democratic principles at the head of which is the freedom of speech that means, among other things the efficiency of the art of dialogue and the best use of the constructive and sincere word.
The democracy defends the freedom of speech, faith and the unionist and political affiliation and does not confiscate the citizen's freedom. But at the same time there must be a decent and honest use of the freedom of speech.