Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/759/Press Review]

August 29 2004

25 July 2004
Main headlines
– Aden governor responds positively to an issue of a female citizen who died after a surgical operation, gives directives to speedily form a medical committee
– Selling 60 fadans of land with fraud contract in Zayadi village in Lahj
– Bickering between prosecution and suspects of Limburg blast at court
– UNICEF supports illiteracy eradication activities in three districts in Lahj
Mr Ahmed Saif Hashid says in an article regarding the question of visiting prisons affiliate of the political security, the committee on rights and freedoms at the parliament was divided into two. One, the larger part, sees the committee should not visit detention places of the political security, as it is has not used to do so and may create certain problems and difficulties. The minority at the parliament sees that visiting detention places of the political security is an essential part of the committee's tasks as long as it is concerned with rights and freedoms.
The more important thing is to study deeply the indications that the majority of the said committee is against the desire to visit detention places of the political security.