Al-Ayyam [Archives:2004/765/Press Review]

August 19 2004

16 August 2004
Main headlines
– Military sources say al-Houthi controls three positions in Mran
– About 200 students stage sit-in before Taiz University presidency
– Journalists Syndicate Council approves holding branches elections during this month
– Activities of 7 summer youth and students centers in Lahj concluded
The newspaper's political editor says the president of the republic's talk to the leadership of the local administration and officials in the governorate of Ibb has received great interest and attention as well as satisfaction from all segments of the society because it touched on issues of the hour and woes of the public which some thought they were far from thinking and premonition of the first man in the authority.
Many Yemenis described President Ali Abdullah Saleh's talk as had borne concerns of the Yemeni public throughout the past years and has represented a warning for all those who have not taken the lesson, those who are assuming their posts and those around them. The president has given examples of bad phenomena in the state apparatus and the society such as bribery, fraud and extravagancy.
Since the president has diagnosed those phenomena of failure in such a frank manner, the majority of the people are now looking forward that the central apparatus of audition would undertake its role of accountability of all the phenomena spelled out by the president.