Al-Ayyam [Archives:2006/962/Press Review]

July 10 2006

3 Jul 2006
Main headlines

– Faisal Bin Shamlan the JMP candidate to presidential elections

– MPs demand increment in their salaries similar to employees

– Ibn Khaldoun Hospital administration in Lahj confirms its response to recommendations of the national committee of nuclear energy

– Somalia Islamists distance themselves from Bin Laden

– Finance minister refuses to approve financial increase in the parliament's next year budget

– Sheikh in Radafan threaten to boycott the upcoming elections

– Iranian students want to fight Israel

Mohammed Salem Qatan says in an article in the contemporary times the media has used the term of donor countries to mean the rich states that are used to grant others of poor countries some assistance and loans. Because relations among nations are political one, we think granting in this regard is subject to political requirements and motives. This matter created for this subject new dimensions and many corridors that dictated on those donors to establish Paris Club and donors conferences.

With regard to individuals, some donors would like beautiful propaganda for themselves and some others their granting is based on accurate calculations in harmony with their own interests. Very few of them offer grants out of human motivations. The latter groups of donors are faced with formations of middlemen some of whom interfered even in the donors grants and their distribution, becoming a burden on donor and the recipients. Because this problem has become very big as a result of situations deterioration and decrease of honesty, it could be suitable for those individual donors to establish a club resembling Paris Club or a conference like the London Conference.