Al-Ayyam [Archives:2007/1030/Press Review]

March 5 2007

March 3
Main Headlines

– Many Abyan sheikhs, tribal leaders and local council members appeal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh to order the government to help them in searching for an Abyan scholar, Ali Ahmad Nasser Mansour, who disappeared in Sudan

– In an interview with Al-Ayyam daily, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Fareed Al-Awlaqi condemns harassments and assaults by influential persons against the famous writer Ahmad Omar Bin Fareed

– The trial of Saleh Ali Abdulhaq, suspected of killing Atef Haiter, is due on March 5

– Former Secretary-General of Yemen Artists and Writers Union Mohamed Hussein Haitham passes away Friday at age 49

– A Swiss court acquits five Yemenis, an Iraqi and a Somali from terrorim and Al-Qaeda support charges

– Al-Shami: An Iranian official admits Iranian religious group's support for Al-Houthi-led rebellion

– UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees grants international protection cards to Iraqis in Yemen

– Three people killed in a Sana'a gunfire

– Before leaving Hadramout, Malaysian Prime Minister declares, “Hadramout had been a point of historic connection with the world