Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/630/Press Review]

April 7 2003

2 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Arab correspondent discloses crimes committed by Anglo-American troops in Iraq
– Allied soldiers spitted on the Muslims holy book and threw it to the ground
– Islamic leaderships: the Americans surrounded Mecca, prepare to strike Ka'ba
– Twenty Yemeni women volunteer to fight in Iraq
– Shiite opposition in Iraq declare jihad against American-British forces
– American experts indicate to imminent allied forces defeat
– American soldiers give bitter confessions
– Yemen's journalists union opens donations for helping Iraq's journalists
Writer Fa'ez al-Makhrafi says in his article that at all levels the war of aggression on Iraq by the U.S. and Britain and their allies has disclosed a host of scandals. The first of those scandals is that of Bush and Blair administrations. The second is that of the International organization. The thirds is that of the international effective powers at the UN Security Council that effective in steering the destiny of international relations. The fourth scandal is represented by the stands of all international organizations that brag of being humanitarian organizations, especially those concerned with freedom and human rights. The fifth scandal the ongoing war has disclosed is that of the Arabs in their Arab League at levels of their representation.
The author says that definitely launching of the war by Bush and Blair and their supporters, has formed an outrageous scandal for them for many reasons. The most outstanding of these reasons is that this war does not have any legal or moral or human justifications. It has gone out of the frame of the UN Security Council relevant resolutions. The US and British administrations went alone to the war without getting support from any of the effective powers in the UN; France, China and Russia and neither from the world public opinion.