Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/631/Press Review]

April 14 2003

8 April 2003
Main headlines:
– American secret report discloses the post Iraq war situation;
– Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain not on the map, Arab peninsula divided into three big states; Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman
– Saudi media sources: Corpses of 800 American soldiers in Kuwaiti military hospital, 1543 corpses in Pakistan
– Mercenaries promised to get American nationality, 25 thousand
– Mexican, African soldiers fight with the allied forces in Iraq

Editor in chief of the newspaper says the American soldiers are killing the people of Iraq for ''liberating'' Iraq. The liberation of Iraq is the code name of the Americans to kill the people of Iraq. On the screens of the TV channels we watch the American soldiers pointing their guns at an Iraqi family members of parents and their daughters of no more than ten years old threatening them after he ordered them out of their house and stand on their knees. The innocent small girl of eight years putting her hand on her head crying and shaking of fear, while the American soldier feels proud by pointing his machine gun at her. Would this picture be enough to move the Arab rulers' blood? Are not these crimes committed by the Americans and the British against the Iraqis enough to act and express practically their support for the people of Iraq?
America which you fear today would not remember your stands when your turn comes. Then you would not find but your peoples to stand by you. Why don't you stand by your people and brothers now?