Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/633/Press Review]

April 27 2003

22 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Discovered in Uday Saddam palaces, Secret documents embarrass members of ruling families in the Gulf, Arab officials and ministers
– A source from Arab volunteers discloses accurate details on Baghdad battle
– American forces would not permit installation of an Iraqi government before five years
– CIA officials: Failure in finding Iraq's WMD confuses Bush administration
– Al-Sahaf alive, he handed over Saddam's TV tape to Abu Dhabi channel
– At the beginning of conspiracy against Syria, Powell: The U.S. studies enforcing sanctions of Syria
– Exchange of strong accusations between the Islah and GPC parties, reflects fierceness of competitions

Editor-in-chief of the newspaper says in his article that the election arena has witnessed big information and propaganda campaign though at sometimes went beyond the limits. Generally we think the elections festivals represent a step towards correct practicing of parliamentary elections. As much as these competitions represent a reflection of the democratic atmospheres the country is experiencing, they could not be ruled out that some would act in a fanatic way especially that programs of the political parties are almost the same. Looking deeply into the exchanged accusations by political parties regarding corruption, the citizen must be cautious when pondering these issues and to think of them carefully. He should not be drifted by the present living reality and corruption in some institutions and ministries and forget examining the present the recent past. Some of the opposition parties of today were influential partners in authority. The YSP was partner in power till 1994. At that time we had not of any corrupt being deposed of the government or being brought to justice. And the Islah party took part in government until the strategic alliance between Islah and the GPC got broken. At that time there was corruption and the Islah did not express objection against it. To be fair in our judgment we have to realize that corruption was not and would not be linked to a certain party for it is an octopus spread all over the society with all its parties. I do not believe that the parties playing the cord of corruption are true in their offers especially that some of them were part of the authority.