Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/634/Press Review]

May 5 2003

29 April 2003
Main headlines:rn
– British newspaper: Tareq Aziz ''sleeping spy'' for the allied forcesrn
– Dr al-Eryani: Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar, Speaker of the next parliamentrn
– The warns against cult of personality of rulers, to learn from the Iraqi lesson rn
– Russian parliament deputy speaker: Saddam Hussein in Iraq, back to power after a yearrn
– Elections results: Sweeping majority for the GPC then Islah and the YSPrn
– U.S. Defense Secretary: We will redeploy our armed forces in the Gulf in line with Washington interests.rn
The editor in chief says in his article thus the polling operation for the new parliament has come to an end in calm atmospheres despite some simple incidents here and there, but the general atmosphere was calm despite the fierce media war the political arena has seen a day before the elections. With the end of the polling operation there are some points that should be mentioned: rn
The first point is the GPC's loss in nine constituencies in the capital. This is an indicator that must be studied. It means that the candidate and his party have private interests they want to obtain through elections. Generally speaking it can be said that the parties' competition was not based on the electoral platforms but rather a competition between partisan personalities and candidates' individual practice.rn