Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/638/Press Review]

June 2 2003

27 May 2003
Main headlines:
– American intelligence dispatches agents to study the political geography of our country
– Islah leaders demand severing relations with Egypt and Germany in response to the arrest of al-Heela and al-Mouayad
– President Al-Assad skeptical about al-Qaeda organization
– American judge appointed for changing judiciary and laws in the Arab countries
– Former Iraqi officials: Saddam Hussein faced betrayal by three of his cousins' high ranking army officers
– Saudi security sources say material used in Riyadh explosions smuggled from al-Talh market in Sa'ada
The editor in chief writes that a new age has begun through the presence of the British and American high commissioner in Iraq. Thus we have come back to the beginning of the twentieth century, the age of colonization then the struggle and independence. There is only one difference which is that the occupation came in the name of ''liberation'', the liberation of our countries from our authorities and from independence, the liberation of our wealth from the national sovereignty to be rendered property of the American ruler. The UN Security Council that is composed of gangs looking for their interests allows the strongest to sell the Iraqi oil only by the market price without forcing it to commit itself to OPEC organization. And that means that the American ruler will govern oil prices by pumping the quantity he wants in order to settle prices at the level he wants. The Americans have only the obligation to put the money in a box its key in their hands. The stage is that of occupation with new attire. Would the Arab and Islamic countries wait till they are occupied all in order to return to the age of struggle and resistance and liberation?