Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/640/Press Review]

June 9 2003

3 June 2003
Main headlines;
– U.S. administration spokesman discloses that Saudi Arabia is destined to be divided into forty tiny states
– Addressing the Jews, bush says they would not stop till disarm all the Arabs and Muslims
– Owning to dispute with the Islah, the GPC boycotts parliament sessions
– In a new letter, Saddam Hussein praises the mujahideen fighting a guerrilla war against the occupying force
– NBC: Secret document discloses American spying on Saudi mosques American, British, European fears of a European ''11 September ''
– ''Road map'' promoted in Sharm el Sheikh Meeting

Columnist Hamdi Doubala says in an article that the existing responsibility before the government today and the demand to be performed accurately should not be looked at by the officials as an easy task and consequently dealing with it so simply. All should deal with this responsibility with live conscience and high morals and an understanding that all the plans and programs they would adopt must be directed in the first place in interest of the citizen and to lift the burdens from his shoulder, weighed down with inherited mistakes and negative aspects from mistakes of the successive governments. Since our people have adopted democracy as an approach in their life and organizing it, the matter remains attached and related to the level of obtaining their needs and requirements. Any government fails to realize that goals would be undesirable and all would look forward to get rid of it as soon as possible and the balloting boxes alone would provide the opportunity to achieve that.