Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

10 June 2003
Main headlines:
– America establishes intelligence centers at Bab El Mandab and Gulf of Aden to confront tribes and political Islam
– Americans buy weapons on Talh market in Sa'ada
– Yemen arrests five persons including a Saudi national on charges of planning for attacks on foreign interests
– Latest report by Canadian intelligence: Sunni Islamic extremism the most dangerous and threatening
– In culmination of Aqaba summit, Zionist occupation troops cut off martyrs hands and leave them at crimes theater
– Two Americans vie with each other to occupy Somalia presidency post

The editor in chief says in his article there is no doubt that we all wish the new government success in its work because it means success for Yemen. It means more attention rendered to public services and there would be more care towards public issues besides the endeavor to shrink corruption. It will be useful to call the attention of our ministers to the spots of danger, where some of those, looking for their own interests from among the staff or those having links with some employees, based on personal interests, always try to achieve their whimsical aims at the expense of public interests.
One of the most significant ministry to begin with is the ministry of education ass it represents the backbone of for any progress in Yemen. The minister of education has to be more cautious than others because his ministry harbors a big corruption mafia, both on surface and clandestine. A specific issue regarding the ministry is printing the school book. The ministry decided to have the school book printed inside the ministry's printing press and that is for the public interest. The ministry of education was used to print school books outside the ministry and thus was forced to pay hundreds of millions of rials. Many of those who benefited from the former measure of printing some of school books outside the ministry would sustain loss of advantages they used to get. It is thus expected that would try to present certain cautions to the minister against this new measure claiming that the ministry's printing establishment could fail to shoulder this responsibility. The actual motive is not the public interest but those persons own interests. We just want to call the attention of the minister in order not to listen to such voices. To rescind this decision could be interpreted that the minister has responded to those elements request for his own personal interests.