Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/644/Press Review]

June 23 2003

17 June 2003
Columnist Faez al-Makhrafi remarks that the new ministers have a two-year space of time for rooting out corruption and neutralize the opportunists and those who utilize the atmosphere that is convenient for extortion in government institutions. The ministers themselves are now positioned before the law that has defined the duties, responsibilities and punishments. They would either work within the framework of the laws and regulations to remove corruption or to act outside that framework and try certain methods to deal with the laws contrary to their dictates. Thus, they would contribute to prolongate the time of corruption and corrupts for more years.
The roots of corruption are now strong and the government is under a difficult rest and its itinerary is under watch. True, the waves of corruption during the former governments have hindered the governments performance and made them unable to meet their commitments towards the citizens, but now it seems there is a desire for change. That, however, does not mean that change is going to happen for sure. Signs of hope in success in this regard is that the ministries should publish their information and data in order to make them available for the public opinion and to broaden their democratic margin. This is important to get help in their process and effort aimed at eliminating corruption and punish the corrupt.