Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/645/Press Review]

June 26 2003

24 June 2003
Writer Amin al-Saqqaf devotes his article on the Arab national security and international changes saying during the last decade the world has witnessed many significant political changes the most prominent of which were the collapse of the Soviet Union and emergence of the unipolar policy. these changes have affected the Arab region and placed it before a real challenge against the other. the situation has imposed on it the necessity of enhancing its national security to face what would be coming. The geographical situation of the Middle East has made an axis of world attention, added to that the economic dimension represented in the region's huge reserve of oil as well as the region's being the cradle of world civilizations and heavenly messages, and that makes it an important target.
The Arab region has during the past years witnessed acute political and military crises, beginning from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Here the Arab countries failed to contain the crisis and that opened the door for the foreign interference. That period has also witnessed escalation in repeated Israeli attacks on he people of Palestine and recently there is the American occupation of Iraq. absence of the Arab national security has led to the aforementioned results that would have not been to happen had there been a unified Arab security strategy.