Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/648/Press Review]

July 7 2003

I July 2003
Main headlines:
– Offered to some Kuwaiti ruling elements,
– American plan to annex Kuwait to Iraq
– American intelligence disclose,
Two attempts to assassinate president Bush in Kuwait and America weeks ago
Columnist Nouridin Mohammed Qasem questions in his article about the reason behind holding Davos economic conference in Jordan. The writer adds that e Zionist entity managed to tame the Arab decision by taming the Arab leaders. It has then eased the efforts of looking for a seat at the Arab league .some well-informed politicians may say choosing the venue of the world economic forum in Jordan can be attributed to its proximity to the region's events. This might be true but proximity of ideas is more of avail than the closeness of places. The other more probable gist is that Jordan or any other Arab country is a better place for holding the conference because it provides secure and stable climate for the conferees. At every meeting of the conference especially when held in a European country the security apparatus there is unable to prevent demonstrations and clashes in protest to the convening of the conference and many casualties would fall among the opponents to the opportunist policies of the forum that cause resentment of the world. Its convention in an Arab country prevents demonstration because the Arab people are used to be prevented from demonstrating let alone the Arab citizen would not bother himself listening to the news of the forum. Above all the Arab security apparatuses and anti-riot forces are more effective in repressing people's demonstrations.